Air-pane! Air-pane!

Grady is our residential air traffic controller.
Everyday we go outside, he looks up into the big blue sky and yells at the top of his sweet little baby voice, ‘AIR-PANE, AIR-PANE’. Then of coarse comes ‘the dance’. He has more fun than anybody I know telling everybody about what he sees up there in the sky.

He is such a joy! Besides airplanes, Grady is also in love with Sesame Street (in particular Elmo & Count VonCount). He is learning new things everyday.

For example, he was helping me make coffee for daddy the other morning (cha-chie so he calls it) and began counting the scoops of grounds I was putting in . . . before I knew it, he counted all the way to 10!! I’ve been working with him on ABC’s but I never expected to hear numbers like that come out of 17 month old.

And yes, we did call Mensa, they are accepting toddlers =).

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