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Best Big Brother

Today, Abbey & Grady got bucked off Black Sister, the horse we are keeping for Grammy & Paw-Paw. Even though they both fell off, Abbey got the worst of it (Grady landed on her). Here he is distracting her while Jamie and I play doctor.

Napoleon Dynamite

Found this old photo of Jamie. I just couldn’t resist.

My new walking stick

I came unglued when Jamie pointed and told me to turn around (I was expecting a scorpion – yes, I’m still a bit jumpy). When I collected myself, I found this HUGE 6 inch Walking stick on the window. Nature study is going to rock in home school this year!

Turkey Spotting

Jamie saw the first turkey he had ever seen on this ranch. It came up close to the house all by itself. I ran in to get the kids so they could see it too. It was fun to watch my turkeys spot a turkey.

Tonight’s Entertainment

Right before bed tonight I saw a fly run into this web. The kids were thrilled to watch the spider immediately spin it up tight until Abbey began to feel sorry for the fly. I love her tender heart but really? Compassion on a fly?

Mom is Finally Here

Mom flew in today so we are ready to have this baby! She left around 2:30pm from San Angelo, flew to Dallas and made it to Seattle by 6:30pm. It was a long day but she made it here in one piece. Parise God for momma’s who are willing to come and help out – I feel so blessed to have her here. We will post again when we have more news.


21 Days & Counting

Abigail is defiantly on her way! Jamie and I went to the doctor’s office today and found out that I am 1 ½ cm dilated and 75% effaced. This is not an indication of when Abbey will be here (sooner or later) but that she is for sure coming =)

Air-pane! Air-pane!

Grady is our residential air traffic controller.