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She’s Here!

Abigail Lila joined us at 1:14 PM. She’s absolutely georgeous at 7 lbs 8 oz, and 20 inches long.

Her mom did an amazing job, pushing her out in just 7 minutes. Both are perfectly healthy. Thanks for all your prayers.

Pictures to come soon.

The Joy of the Epidural

It’s about 11 am and Holly has progressed to 4.5 cm. Besides that meaning she’s making good progress, it means time for the epidural.

She just got it and has a big smile on her face everytime she has a contraction that doesn’t hurt. She’s also had some potosin, which is helping things along.

Shouldn’t be too long now…

14 Days & Counting

We went to the doctor on Wednesday, and there was no big news. Still 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced. Meanwhile, all three of us are trying to get over being sick. Looking forward to a restful weekend. More news when there is some.

Abbey Countdown

I put together a little countdown script on the right so you can keep track of how many days until Abbey is scheduled to join us.

We go to the doctor tomorrow, and will post something here if we know more about when to expect her.

The Naming of the Girl

As most of you know, Holly is pregnant with our second child. We’re having a girl, and her name will be Abigail Lila Wallace.

It’s kind of a long story how she got that name. It was the result of much prayer and conversation. We wanted a name with deep meaning, that would be a blessing to her all her life.

The New Site

Well, it’s here… The new and impoved We hope you like the new look. More than just a new look, though, we hope this format will allow us to better connect to the people we care about.

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