Halloween 2009

Halloween is one of the rare occasions where I take pictures of the kids at the same time every year.  As I was looking back at pictures from 2005, 2006, and 2008, I was definitely having one of those, oh-my-gosh-they-grow-up-fast moments.

Grady was the Hulk, Abbey was a Princess, and joining the crew (as always) was my nephew Austin the Spooky Ghost, and newest Nephew Hunter as a very cute bear.  Enjoy:

(Can’t see the slideshow? Watch it here, or see the individual photos here.)


Fun With Off Camera Flash

I’ve a little bit of new camera equipment to build up my photo game. I’m trying to get better with light. I’ve been inspired by a website called Strobist, that’s all about using off camera flash to light your pictures. I took some fun shots, mostly of the kids, and figured it was time to share. Enjoy.



Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006We continued our tradition of trick-or-treating with Andy and April this year. We had a great time raiding their neighborhood for candy. Austin and Grady were old pros, and Abbey figured it out quickly.

All the photos are here one-by-one or as a slideshow.


Family Portraits

Holly Wallace and Abbey Wallace My brother has become quite a photographer. At Thanksgiving we had him take some portraits of us and loved the results so much we handed out many prints as gifts. I finally put them up for all to enjoy.


Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005Grady and his cousin Austin had a grand time tonight raiding the neighbors for candy. Grady quickly learned that “Trick or Treat” are magical words that get you candy from anyone you say them to, even the other kids he met on the sidewalk.

Grady was Tigger, Austin was a monkey, and Abbey was a pumkin. Everyone had a great time and we even got to meet our new neighbors. Check out all the photos.

Update: We have video, too! Andy took some great shots and put them together for us all. Download it here. (6MB)


Abbey One Month – New Pictures

Abbey and Grady - One MonthAs of yesterday, Abbey is officially one month old. She is thriving — growing like a weed and becoming more alert everyday.

She starting to get a little meat on her bones, too. That’s good because we like our kids to be a little chubby in our house. Enjoy some new pictures of Abbey and Grady.

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