Away He Goes

We went to reach Grady to ride a bike and it turns out he didn’t need any help. He just figured it out himself the first time.

(link to video in case you can’t see it)

Wow he’s growing up fast. Sure do love that boy.


Grady’s Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Grady’s last day of Kindergarten! We started by taking pictures, like we did for his first day — then we went a little crazy after school.  We might have put a pool in the back of the truck and decorated it when we picked him up.

Before School:


After school, Daddy Got in the back while Mommy drove:


Halloween 2009

Halloween is one of the rare occasions where I take pictures of the kids at the same time every year.  As I was looking back at pictures from 2005, 2006, and 2008, I was definitely having one of those, oh-my-gosh-they-grow-up-fast moments.

Grady was the Hulk, Abbey was a Princess, and joining the crew (as always) was my nephew Austin the Spooky Ghost, and newest Nephew Hunter as a very cute bear.  Enjoy:

(Can’t see the slideshow? Watch it here, or see the individual photos here.)

Grady’s First Day of Kindergarten

Today we sent our first child into the wild world of public school.  Grady is super-excited about going to kindergarten, his teacher and school are both great, but Mom and Dad are a little sad.  Here’s the photos (that starts with a short video):

(if you don’t see then video/slideshow above you can view them here)


Oh how I love God…


Today, after t-ball Grady came home and wrote this:


We are crazy proud of how great he is at writing even at age 5. For those of you who can’t exactly make it out, though it says:

“Oh how I love God because he first loved me.”

More than his writing we are very proud of his sweet heart.


Fun With Off Camera Flash

I’ve a little bit of new camera equipment to build up my photo game. I’m trying to get better with light. I’ve been inspired by a website called Strobist, that’s all about using off camera flash to light your pictures. I took some fun shots, mostly of the kids, and figured it was time to share. Enjoy.



Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006We continued our tradition of trick-or-treating with Andy and April this year. We had a great time raiding their neighborhood for candy. Austin and Grady were old pros, and Abbey figured it out quickly.

All the photos are here one-by-one or as a slideshow.

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