Hawaii 2010

Holly and headed off to Hawaii last week. It was a combination Happy-9-Year-Anniversary and Happy-Being-Done-with-All-Things-Cancer Vacation.

What a gift it was! We mostly just camped on different beaches, talked, and read. I didn’t take many photos, but here’s a few:

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Uganda Photos

This weekend I finally got all my photos from Uganda processed and uploaded to Flickr. I hope you enjoy some of my 36 favorites in this slideshow:

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You can see all 219 I uploaded here.

Uganda or Bust

I write this post sitting a DFW gate d14 waiting for my flight to Amsterdam to take off. It’s the first leg of a 25-hour journey to Entebbe, Uganda.

This is a last mintute trip that all started last Saturday when my good friend Sam sends me this text:

“Want to come with us to Uganda? I need someone to shoot photography/video. I will pay all costs. Please.”

Long story short… By the end of that day I had bought a ticket to Uganda that left a little less than a week later. Crazy huh?

My only hestitation was being here for Holly as we prepare for her surgery. She would hear nothing of it – she insisted I go and may be more excited than me about me going.

In every way this was an answer to prayer, and the deepest desires of my heart. I told Holly a few days before that all I wanted was to get away, I needed to get out of Dallas and out of “cancer world” for a little while before her surgery. Little did I know I would getting quite so far away.

Many of you know I went to Ethiopia last year, and this trip will be much like it. I will spend 8 days on the ground going from one ophan community to another. We will be playing with kids, and profiling the communities in hope that a church in the US will sponsor them through Children’s Hopechest.

It will also be the launch of Sam’s new non-profit, Hopemongers. You can check for updates and blog posts.

As you may of guessed from Sam’s text, I will be shooting photo and video while there. A friend generously loaned me some professional video gear, so I am hoping for some good stuff.

I’ll be back at 1pm on the 17th, just in time for Holly’s surgery on the 18th.

Please pray that it would be a productive trip that God would use for His glory and that I would come back ready to be be everything Holly needs me to be.

Ranch Get Away

The kids spent last week at Grammy and Paw Paw’s ranch, and Holly and I joined them over the weekend.  It’s always good to get out there to relax and enjoy what God made.

Here’s a few pictures from the weekend:


Colorado Trip and Travel Deals

DSC 7779 Last weekend I joined my dad and brothers for a birthday gift to ourselves: a quick trip to Colorado Springs. We did the whole trip for less than $250/person including flight, hotel, and car. Well worth it.

People keep asking where we got such a good deal and the answer is Site59. It only does last minute travel packages for this weekend and next weekend. Also, you have to get at least 2 of these 3: a flight, hotel, or car. But, if that fits your requirements, you can get some screamin’ deals.

Here’s a couple other tricks I have:

  • Cheap Rental Cars: Try finding a coupon code on MouseSavers.
  • Quick Flight Checks:, searches all the airline’s websites plus most of the other big travel sites and displays them all together.
  • Cheap Hotel Rooms: Book via priceline, but find out how much to bid on Bidding for Travel.

More photos here.



Thanksgiving 2005

Jamie's First DeerJust in time for Christmas, we finally got some pictures up from Thanksgiving.

We had a great time with family. While visting Holly’s parents on the ranch, Jamie killed his first deer and turkey. Ask him to tell you the turkey story, it’s worth a laugh. All the pictures are here.