Colorado Trip and Travel Deals

DSC 7779 Last weekend I joined my dad and brothers for a birthday gift to ourselves: a quick trip to Colorado Springs. We did the whole trip for less than $250/person including flight, hotel, and car. Well worth it.

People keep asking where we got such a good deal and the answer is Site59. It only does last minute travel packages for this weekend and next weekend. Also, you have to get at least 2 of these 3: a flight, hotel, or car. But, if that fits your requirements, you can get some screamin’ deals.

Here’s a couple other tricks I have:

  • Cheap Rental Cars: Try finding a coupon code on MouseSavers.
  • Quick Flight Checks: Kayak.com, searches all the airline’s websites plus most of the other big travel sites and displays them all together.
  • Cheap Hotel Rooms: Book via priceline, but find out how much to bid on Bidding for Travel.

More photos here.