Finding Balance in a Windstorm

Sometimes I feel like life is continual struggle to find balance — all in the midst of the gusts of wind life seems to throw us.  2009 definately brought plenty of gusts our way and we are still trying to find the new normal — what is the right new balance in life?

I watched this TED video recently and was struck at the simple wisdom it contained about finding balance in life.  It’s a (very entertaining) lecture based on a long study called the Blue Zones of certain groups of people who live to be 100 statistically much more often than average.

They isolated 9 factors that seem to make this possible (genetics seems to play a small part).   I encourage you take 20 minutes to watch it and see if you don’t find some part of your life that could be more in balance.

A few challenging questions for me:

  • What does it mean to move naturally throughout my days and weeks?
  • What is my “ikigai” or sense of purpose that gets me up everyday?
  • Am I purposeful in surrounding myself with community in the daily moments?
  • What do I do to maintain the right outlook — one that is relaxed and prayerful?
  • What strategies/tricks/habits could I develop to not overeat?

There’s also a book I plan to read.