First Words, First Bed

This week was one of those weeks that made you say, “Our kids are growing up so quick!”

Abbey is 7 months old now. She can’t get enough enough of all the solid foods she’s eating, and just loves to sit up. She’s just getting so big. But this week she topped it off with starting to say, “Da-Da-Da-Da.” Those words just melt my heart.

She’s just such a sweet and easy baby. We’re even more thankful for that this week because Holly and Grady have been sick. It’s been tough, but I think we’re about through it.

Besides sickness, the other tough (but wonderful) thing that happened this week was that Grady moved out of his crib. Wednesday at nap time we here a big thud upstairs, following by a wailing cry. Grady had finally gotten motivated enough to climb out of his crib, and hit his face on the way down.

He was fine, but we knew it was time to move him to his “big boy bed.” We immediately took down the crib (so he wouldn’t be tempted to climb back in), and got him settled in a twin bed we already had in his room.

It was a tough transition for him, a scary new environment to sleep in — all while his sickness was making it hard for him to sleep anyway. But last night, he did great! He slept all the way through the night.

We’re so proud of both Grady and Abbey. We couldn’t have asked for better kids. It is such a blessing to be their parents… even on tough weeks.

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  1. Clayton · February 7, 2006

    Go Grady! All your cousins down here have gone through the required face plant at least once.