We’re Moving Home

Home Sweet HomeNext month, we’re moving home to Texas. Those of you who have known us for while shouldn’t be too shocked by our news. We have been longing to do this for a long time. Finally, everything has come together to make it a reality.


Abbey One Month – New Pictures

Abbey and Grady - One MonthAs of yesterday, Abbey is officially one month old. She is thriving — growing like a weed and becoming more alert everyday.

She starting to get a little meat on her bones, too. That’s good because we like our kids to be a little chubby in our house. Enjoy some new pictures of Abbey and Grady.


Nanny is Here

Grady Giving Abbey Sucky.Grady and Abbey’s Nanny (aka Jamie’s mom, Sherry) arrived this evening for a two week visit. We excited to have both Grandmas here for a few days.

By pure accident, she got here just in time for Holly’s baby shower. It was scheduled for June 24th, but somebody pre-empted that. Once again we are blessed with so many people celebrating Abbey’s birth.

She’s Here!

Abigail Lila joined us at 1:14 PM. She’s absolutely georgeous at 7 lbs 8 oz, and 20 inches long.

Her mom did an amazing job, pushing her out in just 7 minutes. Both are perfectly healthy. Thanks for all your prayers.

Pictures to come soon.

The Joy of the Epidural

It’s about 11 am and Holly has progressed to 4.5 cm. Besides that meaning she’s making good progress, it means time for the epidural.

She just got it and has a big smile on her face everytime she has a contraction that doesn’t hurt. She’s also had some potosin, which is helping things along.

Shouldn’t be too long now…

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