Holly’s Cancer

Here’s the email I sent out to friends and family yesterday:

I assume you most of you already got the news that Holly’s biopsy came back positive today for breast cancer. Specifically, she has Ductal Carcinoma in SITU (DCIS).

Here’s the next steps we know so far. We’re trying to schedule an MRI for tomorrow. It is much more sensitive for the smaller spots that may exist. When they did the biopsy yesterday, the cluster of calcium deposits was small enough that they could remove them through the needle. They need to test and see where, if anywhere, the spots exist that they couldn’t detect on the mammogram.

After that we plan on meeting early next week with the Breast Surgeon, who can lay out the options of lumpectomy or mastectomy. After that surgery is done, we would look at chemo and or radiation for any possible remaining spots.

That’s pretty much all we know for now. It’s still sinking in and we are obviously taken aback by the news — even in writing this email it is sinking in more and more. We have good support around us, and one friend already heading into town to help with the kids. We are blessed to have amazing medical care, and that it seems (at least so far) that we found it very early.

We are working hard to lean on God, as it seems us He has given us a new fight to fight. He is good and faithful — we know that.

Thanks to all for there prayers and support. We love you much.

Site Status

Our website has been down for a while, and you will notice it looks quite a bit different right now. In a classic “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” move I have neglected this site for a while because I’ve been working on other sites for my web design business.

So, I’ll keep working on it, but I figured something not looking right is better than nothing at all.


Family Reunion Photos

Holly's Great Aunt ZewillaThis weekend we had the pleasure of attending a family reunion on Holly’s side. This was a gathering of all of Holly’s mom first cousins. We met up in Lake Whitney, TX and had a grand old time. I put my off camera flashes to work and they performed admirably.

View the photos. Watch the Slideshow. Order prints from Snapfish.

Jamie and Holly


Fun With Off Camera Flash

I’ve a little bit of new camera equipment to build up my photo game. I’m trying to get better with light. I’ve been inspired by a website called Strobist, that’s all about using off camera flash to light your pictures. I took some fun shots, mostly of the kids, and figured it was time to share. Enjoy.



Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006We continued our tradition of trick-or-treating with Andy and April this year. We had a great time raiding their neighborhood for candy. Austin and Grady were old pros, and Abbey figured it out quickly.

All the photos are here one-by-one or as a slideshow.


Colorado Trip and Travel Deals

DSC 7779 Last weekend I joined my dad and brothers for a birthday gift to ourselves: a quick trip to Colorado Springs. We did the whole trip for less than $250/person including flight, hotel, and car. Well worth it.

People keep asking where we got such a good deal and the answer is Site59. It only does last minute travel packages for this weekend and next weekend. Also, you have to get at least 2 of these 3: a flight, hotel, or car. But, if that fits your requirements, you can get some screamin’ deals.

Here’s a couple other tricks I have:

  • Cheap Rental Cars: Try finding a coupon code on MouseSavers.
  • Quick Flight Checks: Kayak.com, searches all the airline’s websites plus most of the other big travel sites and displays them all together.
  • Cheap Hotel Rooms: Book via priceline, but find out how much to bid on Bidding for Travel.

More photos here.



Our New Church

Providence Church, Frisco, TXFor those of you who know us well, you know that church is a huge part of our life. In fact, our biggest source of apprehension about moving home to Texas was wondering whether God would provide a community of believers anywhere near as great as our church in Seattle. As usual, inspite of our lack of faith, God was faithful.

The first week after we moved into our house we sought out a new church. Our old church was a founding member of a church planting network called Acts 29. I checked out their website and found Providence Church. We’ve never looked back.

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