Family Portraits

Holly Wallace and Abbey Wallace My brother has become quite a photographer. At Thanksgiving we had him take some portraits of us and loved the results so much we handed out many prints as gifts. I finally put them up for all to enjoy.


Thanksgiving 2005

Jamie's First DeerJust in time for Christmas, we finally got some pictures up from Thanksgiving.

We had a great time with family. While visting Holly’s parents on the ranch, Jamie killed his first deer and turkey. Ask him to tell you the turkey story, it’s worth a laugh. All the pictures are here.


Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005Grady and his cousin Austin had a grand time tonight raiding the neighbors for candy. Grady quickly learned that “Trick or Treat” are magical words that get you candy from anyone you say them to, even the other kids he met on the sidewalk.

Grady was Tigger, Austin was a monkey, and Abbey was a pumkin. Everyone had a great time and we even got to meet our new neighbors. Check out all the photos.

Update: We have video, too! Andy took some great shots and put them together for us all. Download it here. (6MB)


We’re Home Owners

It’s official, we have our first house, and of course, our first mortgage. We’re excited although the dominant feeling right now is tiredness. It’s been a long road to get here, and we’re ready to get back to normal life.

A few things we’re thankful for…


The Trip

It was a long trip for all, but we’re all in the right state now.

Holly and the kids had a relatively uneventful trip, except for one thing:

We Think We Found It!

We think we found our house. It’s in Frisco, and a little bigger and more expensive than we were expecting to get, but we both love it. It’s right down the street from an elementary school and a park. Although the yard’s not huge, it backs up to an open field with trees that will be great for playing football. It’s also perfect for hosting a home bible study like we’ve been doing the last couple of years. We’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally excited.

If you want to see the listing, email us and we’ll send you the link. Our offer will go in the next couple of hours. All prayers welcome.

Update: They accepted our offer, with no counter! Inspections on Friday.


Faith for House Hunting

We’re only one day into our house hunting trip, but it’s going great so far. A four hour plane flight is no small feat with two kids under age two. But we had a great flight yesterday. Abbey slept the whole way, while Grady and I read books and watched Baby Einstein DVDs.

It’s God’s provision in even these small areas that’s starting to reveal my incredible lack of faith.

House Hunting Adventure

We’re heading to Texas tomorrow to begin an eight-day house hunting excursion. We thought we were just going to get to see my brother and sister-in-law, who we’ll be staying with. However, thanks to our friend Hurricane Rita, all of our family will be evacuating Houston and coming to up join us. FUN! By my count, we’ll have 14 people in one house, including 4 people under 3 years old.

It will be a mini-family reunion, I guess. I think it will be fun. Now, if we can only find the right house…

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