The Trip

It was a long trip for all, but we’re all in the right state now.

Holly and the kids had a relatively uneventful trip, except for one thing: Turns out there’s a Grady Wallace on the DHS Terrorist Watch List. It took a little convincing, but they decided that our not-yet-2-year-old was not the guy they were seeking. I think it’s kind of funny, seeing that every toddler spreads their own kind of terror. But it will also be a serious hassle as he grows up.

Jamie and his dad set out from the Seattle area around 4 pm on Thursday for the long drive to Dallas. Here’s how we got there…

Starting Out — Day 1: 678 miles — We were so determined to get going we didn’t stop until we got out of the state. Dinner was in Ceour ‘D Alene, ID. (Yes, I had to look up the spelling) In total we drove about 11 hours and reached Bozeman, MT about 4 am local time. Why did we push so hard? One word: Yellowstone. We figured out on the way out of town that we had enough time to make a slight detour through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park (they’re right next to each other).

God’s Country — Day 2: 395 miles — We got up after a few hours sleep, and headed into Yellowstone. It was gorgeous. We stopped a few times along the way to take pictures, and I’ll post them here soon. We drove on into Grand Teton, and saw the sun set behind the mountains. Breathtaking. We only wished we had a week to spend there instead of a day. After dinner in Jackson, Wyoming we made it to Rock Springs, WY.

The Plains — Day 3: 783 miles — After a good night’s sleep in southwest Wyoming, we made some good time on Saturday. We headed due east on Interstate 80. In Cheyenne, we headed south on I-25 to Denver, then east on I-70 towards Kansas. We had every intention of staying on 70, until Salina but decided to change our plans. We figured out that if we picked up Hwy 287 in Limon, CO we could follow it all the way to Fort Worth. More importantly, we figured out we could spend the night in Texas. So, we headed across the plains of Colorado, Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle and came to a stop in Amarillo.

Getting There — Day 4: 349 miles — The last day was pretty boring. We woke up from a great night’s sleep in the Amarillo Hampton Inn and meandered to Frisco. Our goal was to make it there in time for the 3:30 Astros game, but we missed by an hour or so.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful trip. Nothing broke, we didn’t hit anything, just 2200 miles of driving. We are thankful to be here and safe. We close on the house on Wednesday, then move in this weekend.

Please pray for Holly as she is sick. She’s in Houston and needs to get to Dallas to sign on the house by Wednesday, so she needs to get better.